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Jerusalem Products

Muna, a young Jerusalemite woman and artist, makes custom made and hand-sculpted figurines and jewelry.
Biddou Women’s Centre runs a Palestinian traditional craft embroidery project.
Tel: 059-743-8565
Sun-dried tomatoes and other vegetables and herbs prepared from the harvests of local farmers along with handcrafted accessories.
Tel: 059-847-1066
A non-profit organisation located in Beit Safafa, seeks to develop women’s capacities in all fields.
Tel: 026482231
Emleson Society develop's women's capacity in the communities of southern Jerusalem through embroidery production.
Tel: 02-627-4078
Bedouin dairy products and handmade jewelry produced  to preserve the bedouin lifestyle and traditions and create economic opportunities for women.
Tel: 052-266-2010
My Shirt is Palestinian: A Palestinian youth initiative to market t-shirts and hoodies with powerful Arabic quotes made in Palestine.
Tel: 052-723-0894
Selling traditional Gypsy handicrafts, including embroidery, jewelry, pottery and handbags to encourage economic independence and improve
Tel: 02-532-4510
A Palestinian fair trade organisation that promotes traditional handicrafts from 18 organisations across Palestine.
Tel: 054-737-8430
The Women Programmes Centre in Qalandia Refugee Camp aims to develop the capacity of women through handicraft courses and embroidery production.
Tel: 059-836-2597