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Jerusalem Products

a Jerusalem charity association that supports Jerusalemite women, they offer prepared homemade Palestinian food. 
Tel: 02-624-6776
Homemade pastries and desserts prepared by Sambosek Eddar, a Jerusalemite organisation located in Beit Hanina
Tel: 052-260-7339
a Jerusalemite production, pure hand made baby clothing accessories from the finest wool , for winter and summer.
Tel: 052-299-7120 / 054-884-7147
Kharaz was established in february 2013, it is a small Jerusalemite business for the married coup
Tel: 052-673-3371/ 056-879-9684
JUDE is a Jerusalem-based business offering special handmade accessories, keychains, bookmarks, pacifier holders & more.
Tel: 052-547-2676
A Jerusalem-based, luxury fashion label designed by Natalie Tahhan in association with al-Mortaqa Foundation, revives traditional Palestinian fashi
A young Palestinian Jerusalemite designer, creates handmade modern designs inspired by the Palestinian heritage.  
Tel: 052-591-9099
A Palestinian store with crafts, handmade accessories and up-cycled pallet furniture combining simplicity and uniqueness.
Tel: 050-871-5902/ 050-871-5901
A Palestinian NGO that empowers children with disabilities.
Tel: 02-628-3058
Authentic Palestinian handmade accessories mixed with the modern style of today
Tel: 0542135165
They sell traditional Palestinian food, embroidery and traditional handicraft accessories to help women stay active in their community and be econo
Tel: 02-244-0722