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Since 1995, the international aid industrial-complex has been the primary provider of civil services to Palestinian neighbourhoods in Jerusalem and Area C of the West Bank. Many of these initiatives have met desperate needs in the community. In fact, Grassroots Jerusalem has thus far been funded primarily by these same institutions. However, by implementing project-based, short-term plans and acting without accountability to the local community, they disempower Palestinian leadership and organizations and inhibit the development of grassroots movements, long-term visions, and local and international political change.

Instead, we are mobilising a grassroots Palestinian movement that partners with international organizations but is no longer dependent upon them - a movement for the people by the people.

Therefore, Grassroots Jerusalem is transitioning from financial reliance on large international bodies and embracing a financial model rooted in grassroots funding and financial independence. Our hope is that this online platform will facilitate this same process for the 80 community organisations with which we have partnered.  Local organisations and leaders know best what they need; we help them strategically mobilise to meet those needs.

To support our transition, and that of our many grassroots partners, you may arrange a one-time donation or a recurring monthly commitment below, or see our Join the Movement page for other ways to support.

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