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International Solidarity Map

Accessible to global solidarity movements, this networking tool’s goal is to put Jerusalem back on the global map as the Palestinian capital, promote grassroots organisations in Jerusalem and strengthen a network of global resources.

Accessible, user friendly and up to date, this map represents what is happening and who is active around the world whether they are Solidarity Groups, Student Groups, Faith-Based Communities, Palestinian Diaspora, Media, or Research Institutes. We'd love to visually add you to the movement. Join here!

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Our Context

Since displacing 39,000 Palestinians from the western part of Jerusalem during the Nakba, the Israeli government has so thoroughly and consistently changed the facts on the ground that, in sum, they have eradicated the possibility of a viable and independent Palestinian State. In Jerusalem almost 300,000 Israeli settlers have been enticed to move onto Palestinian lands, almost matching the 360,000 Palestinian residents. At the same time, they have sought to drive away Palestinian residents. A decade ago, the annexation wall was constructed far from the green-line, around the Palestinian central business district.  It cut off the suburbs and the workforce from the largest metropolis and capital. Over the last ten years, thousands of Palestinian businesses have shut down, making way for Israeli economic growth. Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes while supporting the growth of Jewish supremacist communities to grow in the midst of Palestinian neighbourhoods. A city life, an economy, a heritage, a history, a culture and a language are disappearing. al-Quds is being ethnically cleansed while the modern, suburban, corporate, western, Jewish/zionist disneyland replaces it.  

Grassroots Jerusalem works with 80 Palestinian community based organizations in Jerusalem to put the city back on the map as the Palestinian capital.


Our Approach

Around the world today, political activists have Palestine on the tip of their tongues. Campaigns are gaining momentum, and the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) call of 2005 is now one of the strongest movements for coordinated political action in the world.

However, not only does the occupation still exist, the Israeli government is changing the status quo everyday as more and more families, communities and villages are displaced. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has finally admitted in English what he has made clear in Hebrew for decades: “There will not be a Palestinian state.”  The Israeli government is moving full speed ahead with plans to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Area C and Jerusalem, the Galilee, and the Naqab desert.

Grassroots Jerusalem works with grassroots partners, organizations, activists, faith based, labor unions and student groups around the world to develop a more strategic and impactful movement that doesn’t stop at resisting the occupation. Anchored in Jerusalem communities, GJ assists and strengthens the network between global solidarity groups and local leaders in Jerusalem.


Our Goals

To identify and map the numerous Palestinian solidarity groups, faith-based communities and Palestinian Diaspora who wish to engage and strengthen the Palestinian capital at the grassroots level.