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a-Z'ayim Village Council
Na'im Sab Laban, Council President

The village council was founded in 1994 after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority and is responsible for providing residents with basic services such as water and electricity in addition to helping residents in planning and construction. 

Building, transparency and collaboration.

a-Z’ayim has an excellent infrastructure and residents are provided with all the services they need.

The rural council will implement projects that improve the infrastructure in the village and the quality of the services provided to the residents.

  1. Paving village's roads and developing infrastructure.
  2. Maintenance of the water and electricity networks in the village.
  3. Protecting village lands through available legal avenues.
  4. Building a waste dump.
  5. Building a medical centre equipped with an ambulance.
  6. Building two schools in the village, one each for boys and girls.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The council welcomes volunteers prepared to help the local students with different school subjects. Preference given to those who have studied in Palestinian universities. 

Wish List:
  1. A computer
  2. Copy machine
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Information on a-Z'ayim and its population.
  2. Services and infrastructure.
  3. Meeting hall
Programmes and Projects
  1. Paving the main road in the village in cooperation with the ministry of housing.
  2. Developing the work of the rural council in cooperation with the municipal development project funded by USAID.