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Youth for Jerusalem Association Culture & Arts
Khalil Kabani
PO Box 51541, Jerusalem 97500

Youth for Jerusalem Association is an independent nonprofit Palestinian developmental association founded by Palestinian youth in the heart of the Holy City in 2010. It aims to enhance the cultural, educational and artistic identity of various community groups by encouraging creativity and individual and collective initiative. The Association was registered at the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in 2011 and in the Palestinian Ministry of Culture in 2013.

Concern for all categories, art, culture, and capacity building


Enhancing the human, national, cultural and artistic identity of Palestinian youth


Youth for Jerusalem Association for Culture and Arts is a non-governmental and nonprofit youth institution to empower the youth to create new horizons for themselves through education, culture, knowledge, and art, achieve social equity and equality, and enhance belonging and standing in a society with difficult political conditions.

  1. To build a creative youth generation with cultural and artistic identity that enhances their role as active members in society.
  2. To support Palestinian cultur and art role as a tool for civilized dialogue and communication.
  3. To empower children and develop their life abilities.
  4. To enable the women in society to enhance their participation in different fields.
  5. To achieve sustainability and develop the abilities of the work team.  
Volunteer Opportunities:

There are volunteer opportunities in several fields: drama, music, film making, media, educational activities, youth work, digital and visual arts. Arabic and English skills are required.

Wish List:
  1. A library to include about 200 books in addition to three bookshelves, three reading tables and ten chairs.
  2. Office equipment, office table, 12 office chairs, 3 computers, 2 small printers, 20 plastic chairs, Salon Set with a table, round meeting table, 20 movable chairs, 3 filing cabinets.
  3. Media office: 6 computers in addition to media training.       
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Development of cultural, artistic and creative youth capacities.
  2. Folk dancing, drama and music shows.
  3. Periodic film shows.
  4. Audio and visual production.
  5. Youth and national voluntary activities.
  6. Trainings on dancing, drama, videography, and art.   
Programmes and Projects
  1. Performing Arts Programme: It includes the folk dancing project, interactive drama workshops and music training workshops.
  2. Youth Creative and Voluntary Initiative Project, “To Stand Together.”
  3. Jerusalem Youth Cultural and Voluntary Commemoration, "Jerusalem First.”
  4. Film Shows in schools, in cooperation with the Palestinian Films Authority, “Cinema Posta.”
  5. Okath Market Project for Non-Methodological Activities in Schools: including training courses on popular dancing, drama artistic shows, poetry competition, and field tours.