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Vision Association for Culture and Arts
Manar Wahhab, Executive Manger.
Ras Kobas St - Behind Al-Ghanem Medical Center, Bethany Jerusalem Palestine

The construction of the Annexation Wall by the Israeli Occupation Authorities has largely suffocated the communities of al-‘Eizariyah, Abu Dis, a-Sawahrah a-Sharqiyah, and a-Sheikh Sa’d. It completely isolated the areas from Jerusalem, their metropolitan centre. The Israeli occupation authorities repeatedly tried to systematically obliterate the features of the Palestinian heritage by preventing festivals and not issuing permits for the Palestinian citizens to be involved in the cultural and artistic events held in Jerusalem. This also caused acute regression of the artistic and cultural level in such areas.

Under these difficult circumstances, there was an urgent need for an institution for children, youth and people who live under the Israeli occupation. Vision Association for Culture and Arts was established in January 2008 as an independent non-profit and non-governmental organization by Milad Foskarenchian and Manar Wahhab. Its activities serve the towns of Abu Dis, al-‘Eizariyah, a-Sawahrah a-Sharqiyah, and a-Sheikh Sa’d.

Equality, Professionalism, Development. 

The towns of al-‘Eizariyah, Abu Dis, a-Sawahreh a-Sharqiyah and a-Sheikh Sa’d enjoy awareness, culture and individual and collective talents. 

Vision Association works on development of the non-curricular educational methods and development of marginalised groups in society. 

  1. To improve artistic, cultural, and literary awareness of children, youth and women.
  2. To empower women and to develop youth through vocational training.
  3. To mitigate pressure and hostility of society members due to the political conditions through the educational and recreational programme.
  4. To effectively integrate  children with special needs through joint activities.
  5. To provide assistance to the youth and graduates in order to develop their job capacities and skills through holding workshops and specialized courses.
Volunteer Opportunities:

Vision Association receives volunteers who speak English and have capacity and experience with children. 

Wish List:
  1. A music teacher profficient on most musical instruments.
  2. Sound equipment for drama lessons.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Courses and workshops on vocational and training subjects.
  2. Training on drama and drawing.
  3. Programs for improving school education.
  4. A meeting hall.
  5. The annual summer programme for children.
  6. Activation and integration programmes for people with special needs.  
Programmes and Projects
  1. Non-curricular Education: This programme aims to recreationally develop the talents of children and increase their self-confidence in music, art and mental and physical sports. 
  2. Cultural Exchange: Conveying the Palestinian voice in our current situation and benefit and learn from the experiences and cultures of others.
  3. Summer Programme: It seeks to fill the leisure time of children with useful things and various workshops aiming to develop their life and social skills.
  4. Community Participation and Local Communication: It aims to make strong relationships and networks between local institutions and Vision Association to reach the greatest number of beneficiaries.
  5. Empowerment of Youth and Development of Women: Through our activities, we organised a woman group and provided them with a recreational and awareness programme in order to deepen their community awareness and self-development.  
  6. The Kindergarten of Vision Association: The aim is to integrate the children with special needs with other normal children so as to give them necessary care and provide an educational proper environment for them. Vision Association believes in that this method should be a basis for sound education and equality in our community.
  7. Programme of Strengthening and Learning Difficulties. Due to the academic weakness of many students and lack of care for children with special needs, it is difficult for some to increase their learning level at schools. We support them through a programme of special studying and the “Learning Through Recreation” Programme.
  8. Vocational Training Centre: The centre supports university graduates and students to increase their opportunities to obtain jobs at the local market through holding workshops to assist them in increasing their self-confidence and developing their functional skills.