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Sur Baher Sport Club
Nasser Abed Rabbo

Sur Baher Sport Club was founded in 1978 to offer social, sporting and cultural services in Sur Baher since the village lacked any foundation that worked in social development at the time.

The club focuses on youth development in the village.

Development, youth and children, identity


The youth of Sur Baher are conscientous and capable of giving back to the community.

Sur Baher Sport Club will carry out projects and programmes that can improve the situation of youth in the village.

  1. Providing sporting, social and cultural services for Sur Baher residents.
  2. Entrenching positive values such as fostering the spirit of volunteering.
  3. Raising youth's social awareness.
  4. Entrenching national commitment and the principles of democracy among youth.
  5. Investing and developing the creative potential of the youth.
  6. Improving the physical and mental potential of all individuals.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The club welcomes volunteers with experience in renovation and skills in painting, favouring volunteers with fluent Arabic.

Wish List:
  1. Furniture for the centre
  2. Two computers
  3. Projector
  4. Printer
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Meeting hall.
  2. Various sporting trainings.
Programmes and Projects
  1. A football/soccer team: The football team was established in 2009 and boasts among its ranks a first team, a youth team and a team for children.
  2. Table tennis team: The team was founded during the start of the 1980s and currently includes 40 players from different age groups.
  3. Volleyball: The volleyball team was founded as early as 1978.
  4. Karate: The club has a karate team that registered various participations in local and international competitions.
  5. Swimming: The swimming academy was founded in 2012 and currently trains 50 children from ages 7-15.
  6. Dabkeh/Palestinian folk dance: The group, known as Sur Baher Eagles, was founded in 2004 and currently includes 40 dancers.
  7. The scout marching band of Sur Baher was established in 1985 and currently includes 160 members.
  8. Several social activities: The club marks religious holidays and national occasions.
  9. Psychological support programme.