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Sunflower Association for Human and Environment Protection
Fadwa Khader, Chairwoman

Abbad a-Shams – which literally means sunflower - was founded in 2009 and received its license from the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior in 2010. The association aims to protect the environment, build and develop the capacities of Palestinian youth and women, and provide them with work opportunities.

Palestinian cities and towns suffer from a grave environmental crisis due to the spread of solid waste, absence of ecological mechanisms for the disposal of waste, and the scarcity of waste-transporting vehicles. The situation is made worse by the occupation’s practices that incessantly create and escalate pollution and environmental hazards.

Not only did Abbad a-Shams Society seek to come up with alternatives for ecological waste-management, it also aspires to protect Palestinian human rights and help Palestinians obtain jobs in environmental protection.

Professionalism, environmental protection, development, equality and transparency.

Palestinians are aware of the environmental hazards and the importance of combating them in order to create a healthy and clean environment.

With the assistance of an experienced and professional crew, the association will promote excellent programmes capable of protecting human and environmental rights and providing youth and women with work opportunities in this field.

  1. Promoting and encouraging environmentally friendly behaviour.

  2. Building and developing the capacities of youth and women in environmental protection.

  3. Creating work opportunities for young women in the field of ecology.

  4. Re-enforcing and promoting networking and collaboration between organisations working in the environmental protection field on the local, regional and international level.

  5. Attracting volunteers who work on environmental issues in the region.
Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteering is fundamental to this association, as it constitutes one of its chief purposes. We look for volunteers experienced and/or interested in environmental issues.

Wish List:
  1. 4-6 computers to train women to use them.

  2. PBX system.

  3. Server for the association.

  4. Projector and screen.

  5. Two landlines.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Workshops for social and vocational training.

  2. Workshops in waste recycling and establishing small projects.

  3. Inclusive information about the environmental hazards in the Jerusalem area towns.

  4. Work opportunities for women.
Programmes and Projects
  1. Employing theatre and drama to raise awareness to the hazards of pollution.

  2. Planting trees to combat the threat of desertification due to the uprooting of trees by settlers and Israeli occupation forces.

  3. Courses and workshops aimed at training women to create small projects and teach them mechanisms of waste recycling.

  4. Creating employment opportunities for women through small productive projects that provide them with income.

  5. Coordinating between local and international organisations to combat environmental hazards.

  6. Mobilising volunteers to work with the Local Council and Youth Councils in a-Ram in environmental projects.

  7. A programme promoting transparency and accountability to protect green areas and ensure an equal and fair distribution of services that protect health and environment.