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Shu'fat Sports Club
Mr. Ghassan Abu Khdair, Secretary-General.

Originally known as the Arab Nationalist Club, The Shu'fat Sports Club was established in 1964 and operated secretly until the Israeli occupation of the village in 1967 when it adopted its current name. After years of closure for political reasons, the club was reactivated in the mid 1970s. It remained in a state of instability until it was officially opened again in the mid 80s in response to the establishment of an Israeli-backed community centre in the village.

The club was forced to close again, though, during the First Intifada and it had not been brought back to life until 2009 when a new board was elected and the necessary permits and licenses were given by the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Youth and Sports one year later.

Following its latest rebirth, the Shu'fat Sports Club redrafted its goals to meet the needs of the community and its youth. Such change was particularly urgent amid the attempts of the Israeli establishment at targeting the Palestinian identity by establishing a community centre run by the Jerusalem Occupation Municipality. Not only have Shu'fat residents refused to cooperate with this centre as they considered it an arm of the occupation, they are also aware of the importance of creating alternative Palestinian centres to meet the needs of the village's young men and women.

An independent institution, the Sports Club represents all sectors of the local community through its general assembly which is composed of seven members. Though it currently does not have an office or a building, it remains active by providing services and carrying out programmes and events.

The young generation in Shu'fat possesses a solid sense of belonging, giving, conscientiousnessand leadership which turn Shu'fat into a thriving and developed village.


The club will lay the foundation for a strong sporting infrastructure and will continue to reinforce the Palestinian national identity.

  1. Building the capacities of youth, children and women in sports.

  2. Establishing a solid sporting infrastructure.

  3. Preserving the Palestinian cultural heritage by protecting Palestinian patrimonies and antiquities.

  4. Launching an official website for the club to increase communication with other Palestinian collectives.

  5. Offering social and legal services to the community.

  6. Collaborating with the Rural Council to fill the vacuum left by the absence of Palestinian foundations in the village.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The club seeks volunteers with experience in social mobilisation and advocacy in addition to sports trainers. Volunteers should be fluent in Arabic and English.

Wish List:
  1. A centre for the club.

  2. Developing the capacities of the crew that runs the club in the fields of project management as well as improving their skills and experience in institutional work.

  3. Equipment that includes outfits for the football/soccer team.

  4. Specialised sporting training.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Legal sessions and meetings.

  2. Musical workshops.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Ramadan Nights: Events during the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan between the years 2007-2009 which hosted several Palestinian bands, artists, poets and writers.

  2. "Jerusalem Roots": A day to celebrate Palestinian folklore and preserve Palestinian heritage by exhibiting paintings and photographs in collaboration with a group of Palestinian female artists.

  3. A football club, Shu'fat's Sports Club currently plays in the ranks of the third division after winning promotion from the Regional League.

  4. The restoration of historic Palestinian houses: This project costs 40,000 NIS donated by Shu'fat residents.

  5. Founding a local scout band.

  6. Founding a Dabkeh (Palestinian folk dance) group.

  7. Meetings on legal issues such as family unification, social security, etc.

  8. A series of meetings on arts and culture that include sessions to train youth in theatre, drama and photography.

  9. Sessions to train youth in first aid.

  10. Lighting roads and planting olive trees.

  11. Other social activities and events.