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a-Sheikh Sa'd Club
Mr. Mahmoud Allam, Vice President.
Shiekh Sa'ad, PO. Box 66350 Jerusalem

Considered the SE gate of Jerusalem, a-Shiekh Sa'd is a beautiful Palestinian village that has been subjected to the withering injustice and despotism of Israeli occupation forces. Physically separated from neighbouring Jabal al-Mukaber by the Annexation Wall and military checkpoints and surrounded by hills and steep valleys, movement in and out of the village is extremely difficult. The only entrance point is a gated checkpoint where a-Sheikh Sa'd residents face humiliation and ill-treatment daily at the hands of Israeli soldiers. In an attempt to change these conditions and energize the resistance of the village a group of youth came up with the idea to establish the club to carry the village's name and struggle.

The club was established in 1987 in a time of turmoil and upheaval in Jerusalem and Palestine. As the First Intifada was at its peak, many sports clubs froze their activities. During its early stages, the club of a-Sheikh Sa'd, then a popular neighbourhood team, achieved good results and was known for fair play, winning many accolades in this regard.

Following its tireless work and efforts, the club was recognised by the Palestinian Ministry for Youth and Sports in 1994 as one of the active Jerusalemite clubs. It is a member in the Palestinian Football Association, swimming federation, the volleyball federation and the Kung-Fu federation. The club's scope of activities has recently extended beyond sports to include working with the community in many fields.

Cooperation with the local community, equality and mutual respect.

The team was founded to promote a-Sheikh Sa'd an insuperable part of Jerusalem's resistance and an inspiration for all.

A-Sheikh Sa'd is a sports, social and cultural club that seeks to develop all sectors of the society and support the spirit of volunteering and national identity through its various activities.

  1. Strengthening the role of youth in the village.

  2. Supporting women and building their capacities socially and politically.

  3. Securing a safe space for the elderly.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The club welcomes university students fluent in Arabic and English.

Wish List:
  1. A computer

  2. Funding for telephone and water bills for the centre.

  3. Chairs

  4. Developing the library
What We Have to Offer:
  1. A hall that hosts activities for groups from inside and outside the village.

  2. Political tours around the village.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Workshops for women.

  2. Cooperating with schools to create youth leadership by starting workshops with children.

  3. Political and social courses for youth to raise their awareness.

  4. Summer camps.

  5. Courses in math and English to help students who need assistance in these subjects.

  6. Training in Kung-Fu and Taekwondo