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Sanabel Welfare Association
Manal Awad, chairwoman
Bir Nabala, near the Civil Defence unit

Bir Nabala and neighbouring villages were classified by the Palestinian Authority among the areas most affected by drug abuse, sexual harassment against children and incest. Additionally, the Annexation Wall has turned the Bir Nabala area into a prison-like enclave; it now suffers from isolation, closures and restrictions.

Therefore, a group of teachers and social workers decided to establish an association that contributes to alleviating the impact of these conditions on children's mental health and eliminating domestic violence in the Bir Nabala region. The association was founded in 2010 and was officially authorised in 2012. Its general assembly consists of 35 members and the board of directors includes 11 members, taking into account the importance of diversity in terms of academic qualifications and geographical distribution.

Therapy, Development and Rehabilitation.

The women and children of Bir Nabala enjoy a healthy environment, emotionally sane life and possess the space to express their thoughts and feelings.

Directing individual and collective energy to establish projects that help rehabilitate women and children and make them active in the society again.

  1. The rehabilitation and development of child victims of violence to guarantee their integration in the community.

  2. The development of the socio-economic sector by training women to work in productive projects.

  3. Capacity building for youth in the area so they can help in emergency cases and aid provision.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The association welcomes university students from the following fields: Education, psychology and sociology with preference for fluent Arabic speakers.

Wish List:
  1. A centre for the association that includes an adequate space for children.
  2. Furniture for the centre.
  3. Toys for children
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Course on youth leadership.

  2. Course on life skills

  3. Courses on communication and combatting domestic violence.

  4. Training on mental and psychological health

Programmes and Projects
  1. A music therapy project.

  2. A project for child rehabilitation: the project is designed for children who survived abuses. It aims at making these children socially active again and helping them overcome their crisis through professional therapy. Individual and group sessions are held in addition to workshops.

  3. The behavioral summer camp: It includes training and workshops on communication and interaction skills.