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Rwad al-Mostaqbal
Reem Amro, Director
Bir Nabala, al-Lu'lu'a Building, 3rd Floor

Today, Bir Nabala is detached from its historical centre, Jerusalem, as a result of the constant closure of the neighbourhood and the building of the Annexation Wall by the occupation authorities. This detachment has caused many serious problems such as the depletion of services, especially social services, which were provided by Jerusalem organisations. Many social ills spread in Bir Nabala such as drugs and theft while there was a serious neglect of people with special needs, orphans, widows, prisoners and martyrs’ families. Therefore, there was a dire need for establishing Rwad al-Mostaqbal in 2011 in order to mend this rift and provide the neglected services.

Transparency, Professionalism, Development, and Capacity Building

Residents of Bir Nabala and the surrounding area live in a healthy social environment. They have equal opportunities, and are no longer socially or politically neglected.

Rwad al-Mostaqbal establishes programmes and projects that engage marginalized groups in society and provide more opportunities for the development of children, orphans, and people with special needs.

  1. Develop the capacities of orphans through establishing a special school that take care of them academically and socially
  2. Develop the talents of children and people with special needs
  3. Build women's economic, social, and political capacities
Volunteer Opportunities:

There are volunteer opportunities for people skilled at raising youth awareness and with a social and educational background. Speaking Arabic is preferable.  

Wish List:
  1. Two Computers
  2. Scanner and Printer
  3. Fax Machine
What We Have to Offer:
  1. A meeting hall
  2. Food parcels, clothes, in-kind donations for the needy
  3. Raising social awareness workshops
Programmes and Projects
  1. Humanitarian Aid: This program is based on in-kind contributions distributed according to needs.
  2. Medical Care: This program dispenses free medicine, in agreement with neighbourhood pharmacies, for the needy.
  3. Raising Women’s Awareness: There are different workshops according to the needs of each targeted group such as home safety, psychological health, and many other.
  4. Anti-drug: This program aims to reduce the prevalence of drug use by youth in the neighbourhood, in cooperation with Drug Enforcement Agency of the Palestinian Authority.
  5. Reproductive Health: The society hosts many workshops to raise women’s awareness about reproductive health.
  6. Food Aid: The society distribute food parcels to needy people in the neighbourhood, organises public Iftar during Ramadan, and distributes meat during Eid al-Adha.