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Old City Youth Committee - al-Wad Neighbourhood
Khaled al-Sharif
African community, Old City, Jerusalem

As most social organisations continue to ignore the difficulties faced by the Old City's community, a group of youth came up with the idea of establishing a committee that focuses on improving the social and economic situation of the Old City's residents.

Distanced from any political or factional affiliations, the committee began with thirteen young people from the Old City and al-Wad neighbourhood who sought to help families in need by raising 50 NIS from families on a monthly basis and using the money to create a fund to help families in need. Another issue of great concern is drug abuse among the Old City's youth which the committee confronts through raising more awareness.

Reaching out, collaboration and caring for youth


The Old City's youth work hand in hand in order to promote their town and improve the livelihood of residents.

The committee will directly impact the lives of the Old City's residents by providing them with tangible assistance and conducting workshops in the town.

  1. Combating poverty by assisting families in need.
  2. Combating drug abuse through workshops.
  3. Facilitating access of worshippers from the Old City to Al-Aqsa mosque particularly during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
  4. Increasing communication among the Old City's youth and overcoming personal disputes.
  5. Improving the social conditions in the town.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The committee welcomes journalism graduates to volunteer and shed light on the violations of the Israeli occupation forces against residents of the Old City. Fluent Arabic and English are required.

Wish List:
  1. Unconditional financial help
  2. Legal sessions to educate residents on their rights
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Linking organisations operating in the Old City with residents through mobilisation for the organisations
  2. Information about families in the Old City and al-Wad Neighbourhood
  3. Documentation of the violations and abuses committed by Israeli occupation forces in the Old City
  4. Information about cultural events and activities in the Old City
Programmes and Projects
  1. Decorating the Old City during the different celebrations and holidays, particularly during Ramadan.
  2. Organising the entrances to the Old City and maintaining order in the streets to make the movement of residents and visitors easier especially during Ramadan.
  3. Sessions and meetings for youth on different issues.
  4. Providing assistance to families in need.
  5. Honouring the mothers of martyrs and prisoners.
  6. Group trips for the Old City's youth.
  7. Activities that improve the communication and bridge gaps among the youth
  8. Tours around the Old City particularly for youth.