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Nuran Charitable Association
Jawad al-Bakri, Vice President.
PO.BOX 20998، Jerusalem

Nuran was founded at the start of 2007 by a group of Palestinian youth from Jerusalem to address the community's needs for first aid. The idea came when a person was injured and no one could treat him immediately despite the fact that many people were present at the scene. They felt that there was a huge gap between the first aid services provided in the western part of occupied Jerusalem and the eastern part. We also noticed lack of knowledge and awareness on how to treat emergency cases. These things led to the establishment of the Nuran Charitable Association.

Health, safety, emergency, and humanitarian services.


The Palestinian community is conscious in the field of public health and prepared to handle emergency cases and humanitarian disasters.

Nuran Charitable Association is an apolitical and non-profit organisation that raises awareness of health issues and learning the skills of handling emergency cases and different injuries and disasters. It provides its services to all sectors of the Palestinian community in Jerusalem through highly adept and professional youth with experience in first aid and humanitarian services.

  1. Fostering the culture of volunteering among Palestinian youth in Jerusalem

  2. Contributing to raising awareness regarding the right ways to handle injuries and emergency cases

  3. Training paramedics who can treat emergency cases professionally and adeptly as well as providing them with all the necessary equipment

  4. Helping rid the community of its unhealthy habits
Volunteer Opportunities:

The association seeks volunteers who have experience and skills in management, public health and media. Preference for fluent Arabic, Hebrew and English.

Wish List:
  1. Young volunteers

  2. Specialised trainers in health

What We Have to Offer:

See "Programmes and Projects"

Programmes and Projects
  1. Courses and lectures in public health presented to all sectors of the community: these courses include first aid, handling accidents that occur inside the home, safety on the roads, nutrition and others.

  2. Workshops discussing social problems such as early marriage, accepting the other, tolerating different opinions etc.

  3. Training on how to handle humanitarian disasters and accidents that cause several injuries.

  4. Sporting workshops.

  5. Accompanying teenagers and providing them with health care.

  6. Publishing pamphlets that serve such programmes.