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Namaa Association
Ms Karima Salman
Al-Jabal St PO.B 94237, Beit Safafa, Jerusalem

Namaa' is a non-governmental organisation founded in Beit Safafa in Jerusalem in 2011 to develop the Palestinian-Jerusalemite community through the implementation of developmental projects. The Society strives to crystallize the concepts of community work based on a vision that meets the needs of the people in addition to motivating the target audience to contribute to the genuine development of people's capacities.

Committed to the principles of the local community and to its Arab and human identity, Namaa' believes in human rights and provides its services without any discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, gender etc. Namaa's members are unified by a vision that aims at developing community work and providing developmental services in Beit Safafa and Jerusalem as a whole.

Giving, fraternity, collaboration, honesty and loyalty.

The community in Jerusalem enjoys the necessary awareness and capacities to build a creative society.

Spreading the intellectual and cultural consciousness through a plethora of workshops and training the individuals to become creative and build a better community.

  1. Capacity building and developing community work.

  2. Activating and training individuals to implement projects in the community.

  3. Fostering women's role and participation in the community.

  4. Training the younger generation to lead and communicate in society.

  5. Achieving communal solidarity and reaching a point where all sectors of the society live in dignity and provide the youth with work opportunities.

  6. Greater networking with other foundations working on development.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Namaa welcomes volunteers to help in the different projects it organizes, particularly those who study education, have great knowledge about the community and speak fluent Arabic, Hebrew and English.

Wish List:
  1. Ten computers for the literacy programme for the elderly.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Meeting hall.

  2. Palestinian food and sweets

Programmes and Projects
  1. Education Centre: Aims at helping students with homework and increasing their ability to become independent.

  2. "Think with Annous:" Aims at developing children morally, psychologically, socially, creatively etc through improving the ten types of intelligence.

  3. A literary workshop that seeks to support, refine and crystallize young talents in literature and give them the opportunity to showcase their talents.

  4. Professional training for youth to help them choose the subjects they wish to study.

  5. Meetings on religion.

  6. Folklore bands: Dabkeh dance for guys and folklore arts for women.

  7. Cultural events.

  8. Arabic courses for foreigners.

  9. The Club of the Child: Improving the scientific and artistic skills of the children.