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Moroccan Women’s Center
Aieshah Almasoleh, Director

The Moroccan community initially moved to Jerusalem to protect it from the Crusading armies. Today, the majority of the Moroccan community is based inside the walls of the Old City. They share many of the same difficulties of Palestinians in Jerusalem from the occupational police. The Moroccan Women’s Centre contributes to strengthening the connections among Moroccan women who live in Palestine, the larger region, Morocco, and worldwide. They highlight the obstacles and problems that the Moroccan women face and work to solve these problems. They focus on trying to strengthen the link between Moroccan and Palestinian women in Jerusalem and help bring changes regarding feminist issues in Jerusalem. The main problem that the Moroccan women in Jerusalem face, especially the new Moroccan immigrants, is adjusting to the reality in the Occupied Jerusalem and adapting their life to work within the occupation municipality rules. They feel excluded in the society and from the Palestinian community.

Moroccan heritage, capacity building, sustainability, and engagement with Palestinian society as a whole


The Moroccan community is connected within itself as well as to the Palestinian community. They produce their own food products and are self-sufficient.

To increase the capacity of women through professional trainings and workshops

  1. Integrating Moroccan and Palestinian women in a cohesive feminist framework that works in line with the Arab Feminist Movement.
  2. Raising women’s awareness regarding social and legal issues faced in Jerusalem and building strong feminist efforts in order to address these issues.
  3. Cultural and informative exchange between Morocco, the Arab world, and Palestine
  4. Reinforcing the links between Moroccan women and Palestinian women in Jerusalem in order to illustrate the common issues facing women in Palestine and develop a cohesive strategy for solving these problems.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The organisation is seeking volunteers with computer and internet skills.


Language Skills: Arabic, Hebrew, and/or English.

Wish List:
  1. A space for the centre.
  2. A kitchen and equipment for the centre.
What We Have to Offer:

Trainings and cooking lessons on traditional Moroccan food.

Programmes and Projects

The organisation is working on developing new programmes at this time.