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Maan To Develop Christian Quarter
Elias Karmi

The Christian community in the Old City is a marginalised community that did not have a civil society organisation available to support community members. Maan To Develop Christian Quarter was formed to address the needs of the community in the Christian Quarter of the Old City. It consists of a general committee of 450 people and a governing body of nine people. The organisation strives to improve the social situation of the inhabitants of both the Christian Quarter and the Old City in general. They aim to connect the youth to various activities that in the future will be hosted in the Christian Quarter. The organisation was established to help the families that were struggling in the Christian Quarter and seeks to help others regardless of their religion or ethnicity. It has no political or sectarian affiliation.

Equality, Education, & Respect


The Christian Quarter is well developed economically and socially and community members are connected to the larger community of the Old City.

To develop the civil society and build the capacity of the people of the Christian Quarter through social activities which are aimed at creating a healthy environment for the Quarter’s residents, as well as for the Old City in general.

The organisation has a number of objectives among which are building bridges and mending fences between the Muslim and Christian members of the community, caring for the needy, assisting in the provision of job opportunities to those out of work, and helping to solve various problems before they escalate.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The organisation is seeking experienced volunteers with experience working with youth and social workers to work with the families and provide support.

Language Skills: Arabic or English

Wish List:

Organisational development consultant to help in structuring the organisation’s goals and projects

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Information and tours in the Christian Quarter – the Old City.
  2. Aid for needy families.
  3. Cultural and educational training for children and youth.
Programmes and Projects

There are numerous project. The most prominent are:

  1. al-A’ish al-Kareem (Living in Dignity) which distributes daily bread coupons to more than 50 needy families
  2. Arranging the annual Iftar Ramadan at the Notre Dame Centre for national figures, businessmen and lawyers in order to build bridges and foster friendship.
  3. Distributing food portions on religious holidays to more than 50 needy families.
  4. Honouring teachers from Jerusalem schools who are retiring after long periods of service.
  5. Honouring outstanding ‘Tawjihi’ (high school) students on a yearly basis.