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Liqaa’ Association for Community Development
Mr. Marwan Hamad, Executive Manager

Because Jerusalem suffers from marginalisation, which led to the decline of the educational, cultural and sport sectors, a group of social activists in Jerusalem united to begin to bridge the gap. In its meetings, this group discussed the fields on which they can work to change this situation. After several meetings, a concept was crystallised for the group to form an institutional body to develop the educational, cultural and sporting status of the Jerusalemite community and increase the awareness of and guidance in the field of law. In 2013, Liqaa’ Association for Community Development was established as an independent NGO. It seeks to develop the capacities of the Jerusalemite youth in order to serve the Jerusalemite community.

Transparency, professionalism, humanity and belonging in Jerusalem City.

An aware, educated, creative and culturally-aware Jerusalemite community.

Liqaa’ Association for Community Development promotes education and promotes an educational and cultural methodology to develop the Jerusalemite Community through non-curricular programmes and projects addressed for marginalised groups.

  1. To disseminate educational and cultural awareness in the Jerusalemite community through specialised courses and workshops.
  2. To develop legal awareness on individual rights and obligations through awareness meetings and periodic bulletins.
  3. To increase artistic and sports participation in the Jerusalemite Community through specialised programmes and activities.
  4. To build the capacities of youth through youth groups and qualifying educators.
Volunteer Opportunities:

Liqaa’ Association for Community Development seeks to employ volunteers who are interested in dedicating their time and efforts in the following:

  1. Searching for funding opportunities - experience in fundraising preferred.
  2. Media coverage of the events and activities of the association - experience in journalism and media preferred.
  3. First Aid provider interested in dealing with the injuries of the students who are involved in sports.

Volunteers should be fluent in English and Arabic.

Wish List:
  1. Sports trainers (2)
  2. Trainer Assistants (2)
  3. Football training tools
  4. First Aid Tools
  5. Publications
What We Have to Offer:

We offer courses on physical education, human rights and youth leadership.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Football School: A programme specialising in sports education and training.
  2. Legal Awareness Programme: This programme provides legal advice to groups of school students.
  3. Youth Leadership Programmes: Groups of school students are trained relating to refining leading talents.