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Jerusalem Merchants' Association
Khaled Al Saheb
Jerusalem Merchants’ Association, PO Box 02866, Jerusalem.

As a result of the Annexation Wall, the economic centres of the Old City have experienced economic depression. Due to the increased pressure and limited mobility of the Jerusalemites and the West Bankers, many customers who used to travel from Bethlehem and Ramallah to the Jerusalem markets have stopped coming. In addition to the economic impact in the area, many infrastructure changes have taken place in and around Jerusalem. Considering the already vulnerable economic situation facing the merchants in the area, any plan to rebuild the infrastructure and sewage system would further impact their businesses. In response to this concern over proposed changes, a group of merchants came together to form the Jerusalem Merchants’ Association. They meet on a number of economic and social issues concerning the Old City and seek to preserve the traditions and lifestyle within their community. Currently, they are focusing on the possible renovation of Damascus Gate.

A developed Old City community with a prosperous economic life.


Improving the economic situation in the Old City and the Palestinian heritage.

  1. Improving the economic situation of the Old City.
  2. Creating economic opportunities to assist the merchants.
  3. Improving infrastructure in the Old City to allow for increased access to shops.
Volunteer Opportunities:

There are no volunteer opportunities at this time.

Wish List:

The association is seeking legal assistance in creating the Old City development plan.

What We Have to Offer:

The association offers tours in the Old City about the economic situation and life of the community.

Programmes and Projects

The Jerusalem Merchants’ Association is currently creating an infrastructure plan for the Old City in partnership with residents.