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Jerusalem Bedouin Cooperative Committee
Mohammad (Abu Suleiman), Community Leader
Anata Camp

Since the 1970s, the Israeli Army has frequently displaced the Bedouins. In 2000, Israeli occupation forces displaced the Bedouin in Anata stating under the ruse that they were living in a “Closed Military Zone.” In 2004, they were once again displaced, because the Israeli authorities claimed their homes were in the path of the Annexation Wall. Constant displacement has made it difficult for them to reach their grazing lands and raise their flocks. As a result, their economic situation deteriorated dramatically. In 2006, they created an association enabling them to advocate for their human rights. An early project for manufacturing jewellery helps keep traditional arts alive, and provides a secondary income to families. As a result of this project, it became clear that the Association could help improve the community's difficult economic situation. The Association also works to provide the necessary tools to take care of their herds and helps them sell their dairy products.

The preservation of the Bedouin traditional lifestyle, representation of the Bedouins and its community.

An educated Bedouin community maintaining the Bedouin lifestyle and traditions.

To preserve traditional Bedouin values and meet the needs of its community by providing the necessary services, facilities, and representation to create a sustainable lifestyle for its residents.

  1. Advancing the Bedouin community culturally and educationally.
  2. Ensuring that the herds are in a good health condition.
  3. Assisting the Bedouins in acquiring the necessary agricultural equipment.
  4. Teaching the youth about Bedouin traditions.
  5. Selling Bedouin dairy products and handmade jewelry.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Jerusalem Bedouin Association is interested in finding Arabic speakers with the necessary skills to support programmes and projects designed to further develop and create a sustainable quality of life for the community.

Language Skills: Arabic.

Wish List:
  1. The generation of a stable source of income.
  2. Selling  Bedouin dairy products in the Jerusalem market.
  3. Subsidized food for the herds.
  4. Building a 1st-12th grade school for the Bedouin community.
What We Have to Offer:

The Jerusalem Bedouin Association offers a connection to the Jahalin Bedouin traditions and an understanding of community values.

Programmes and Projects

The association is manufacturing Bedouin jewelry in cooperation with Vento di Terra organisation as a part of the Silver Tent project. The association is also providing water tanks for those who have herds.