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Bir Nabala Local Council
Tawfiq al-Nabali, Council President
Bir Nabala; near the square.

Since 1965, the Local Council has been working in Bir Nabala to provide residents with basic and essential services. In 1998, shortly after the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority it was renamed as the Local Council of Bir Nabala.

The Council works to provide residents with essential services such as water, electricity, sewerage, public health and other services. Additionally, it aims to develop these services and protect the lands of Bir Nabala and its public property as well as encourage businesses to open in the village.

Professionalism and transparency

A booming village, Bir Nabala enjoys all the necessary services, properly managed by the local council, which works under the jurisdiction of the governorate of Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine.

Conducting and developing projects to improve the infrastructure and meet all the services needed by the community

  1. Building academic and vocational capacities in order to develop the village.

  2. Providing Bir Nabala residents with legal support in order to defend their human rights and protect their lands from confiscation by the Israeli occupation.  

  3. Capacity building for the women of Bir Nabala

  4. Creating economic and social infrastructure to develop the community.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The council welcomes volunteers with expertise in social surveys, statistics, organisation and who speak fluent Arabic.

Wish List:
  1. New waste-transporting car.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Meeting hall.

  2. Full information on Bir Nabala and neighbouring villages.

  3. Medical centre operating around the clock.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Establishing a kindergarten.

  2. Constructing a playground.

  3. Starting a project to train teachers.

  4. Working to provide a waste-transporting car.

  5. A medical centre operating 24/7.

  6. The resumption of the construction of a civil defence unit.

  7. Establishing a college for industrial training.