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Biddo Centre for Women and Children
Mufida Hmeidan aka Umm Ismail
Local Council Building, 3rd Floor, Biddu, Jerusalem

The centre was initially founded by a small number of local women in 2003. Its purpose is to improve women's status including combatting early marriage and illiteracy, encouraging higher education among women and achieving genuine gender equality and women's participation in decision-making.

Even though Biddu's women faced considerable challenges, they managed to achieve significant accomplishments during the first three years of the centre’s journey. Self-funded, the centre opened a class for women willing to continue their high school education and receive matriculation. Many of the women who attended the class went on to graduate from Palestinian colleges. The centre was officially registered by the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior in 2007.

Equality, capacity building, self-fulfillment, networking with the local community.

The women of Biddu and the neighbouring village are conscientious, educated and capable of making decisions on the political level.

The centre believes that through education, raising awareness and vocational training, women can strengthen their role in society and contribute to all fields, particularly politically.

  1. Empowering women which will allow them, in turn, to build a better generation.
  2. Developing the skills of children.
  3. Hiring female university students as volunteers to promote the centre.
  4. Providing women with employment opportunities, training them and improving their skills in production.
  5. Preserving the free Palestinian identity.
  6. Nurturing and taking care of people with disability.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The centre seeks volunteers with the following skills and qualifications:

  1. Experience in marketing.

  2. Computer and programming skills.

  3. Fluent Arabic and English.
Wish List:
  1. Marketing local products including the embroidery and the food.

  2. Computer lab.

  3. Car for the centre.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Meeting hall.

  2. Palestinian embroidery.

  3. Palestinian food and sweets.

  4. Summer Camp

  5. Raising awareness in health, politics, economics etc.
Programmes and Projects
  1. Frequent courses on the status of rural women and how they can combat violence.

  2. Private education courses.

  3. Vocational training in embroidery, beauty, weaving etc.

  4. Workshops in food production.

  5. Providing women with work opportunities.

  6. Determining the needs and priorities of villagers particularly women.

  7. Fostering the spirit of volunteering in the village.

  8. The rural kitchen: it offers all the Palestinian food you crave.