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Beit Safafa Women's Society
Reem Salman
PO. BOX 94888, Beit Safafa, Jerusalem

A non-profit organisation founded in 1979 as part of the charitable organisations in Jerusalem, Beit Safafa Women's Charitable Society has faced many hindrances since its establishment which forced it to stop its activities between the years 1989 and 2000. In 2000, Beit Safafa women reactivated the association and have been working to create a cultural and social centre to serve Beit Safafa residents by relying mainly on volunteers' efforts and teamwork. The Society strives to use and employ local resources in order to serve the village either through financial help or moral support.

Feminism, cooperation and teamwork

Beit Safafa Women's Charitable Society seeks to develop women's capacities in all fields.

The Beit Safafa Women's Society works to raise women's awareness regarding their rights and provide them with the necessary tools to become economically empowered.

  1. Improving women's status in all fields by providing workshops, lectures and symposiums and circulating brochures that raise women's awareness, knowledge and ability to build a better community.
  2. Strengthening ties between the village's women through culture and religious events and trips for women.
  3. Rekindling the passion for volunteering and team work in the village in order to increase their sense of belonging and national identity.
  4. Preserving and developing the village’s heritage.
  5. Helping children grow in a healthy way as they are the foundation of the Palestinian society.
  6. Entrenching communal solidarity through charity campaigns.
  7. Affirming the role of people with disability as active individuals by integrating them in the community and helping them and their families as needed.
  8. Improving the educational level in the village.
  9. Creating and developing economic projects for the village's women.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The association welcomes volunteers, particularly university students, with experience in resource-allocation and marketing small projects. Fluent Arabic, English and Hebrew required.

Wish List:
  1. Furniture.
  2. Books for the children's library.
  3. A projector.
  4. Restoring a building that contains three rooms in order to host the association's activities and operate as its centre.
What We Have to Offer:

1.Palestinian food, sweets and pastry.

2.Tours around the village and in Jerusalem.

3.Meeting hall for activities and workshops.

4.An annual exhibition of homemade products and crafts.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Social Aid Fund: It pays special attention to the elderly and to people with disability by visiting them and hosting activities. It also supports poor families by sending them money and food during Ramadan and other occasions and provides stationery and support to impoverished students inside and outside of Beit Safafa.
  2. The Community Centre for Education: The centre holds several courses for students to improve their level in school subjects. It hosts a library and organizes summer camps and workshops for children to enrich their creative skills. The centre also conducts workshops for the elderly in Hebrew, fitness, embroidery, weaving, glass painting, and cooking. Additionally, the centre holds lectures for women and mothers about health, motherhood and dealing with teenagers.
  3. Cooking: In this project women make different kinds of dishes, desserts and pastry and its income is used to cover some of the Society's spending.
  4. Annual Exhibition of Handicrafts: Held every year, the exhibition showcases the different products made by Beit Safafa's women including embroidery, flower-arranging, painting, accessory-making and baking.