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Beit Duqqu Local Council
Mr. Shafeeq
Main Street, Beit Duqqu, Jerusalem.

The village council was established after the Oslo Accords and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1994. The council’s headquarter is at the centre of the village in front of the mosque. It offers its services to the people of the village in various fields and supervises village development and infrastructure projects such as water, electricity, surfacing streets, building roads, and agricultural land reclamation. It also constructs and develops projects to strengthen and activate youth and women. 

Cooperation, communication and networking with the surrounding villages, youth, and women. 

Beit Duqqu has all the services needed by the local community and economic sufficiency, especially in agriculture.  

The village council aims, through cooperating with youth and the institutions of local and international communities, to establish and develop projects to improve the living conditions, particularly in the fields of agriculture and development, in Beit Duqqu.

  1. Strengthen the capabilities of the workforce in the village.
  2. The expansion and development of agricultural techniques and, in particular, the irrigation system.
  3. Comprehensive survey of the needs of women in the village and development of projects to build their capabilities.
  4. Provide a secure place for the youth.
  5. Preserve and reclaim agricultural land.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The village council needs volunteers for the olive harvest period and to help reclaim lands. 

Wish List:
  1. Large cooling refrigerator for storing agricultural products.
  2. Help in marketing the local products.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Collecting Waste
  2. A hall for the use of all the residents in the village and in the neighbouring villages.
Programmes and Projects
  1. Expanding and paving the road network in collaboration with the ministry of local government.
  2. Prepare the hall of the village council for the youth and women to use.