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Ansar Youth Center
Mr. Khader Al-Aaraj, Head of the Center

The people of al-Walajah suffer from difficult political and social conditions as a result of the Israeli occupation. The village is isolated and cut off from the Palestinian neighbourhoods in its vicinity which leaves the population without access to organisations that could provide opportunities for children and youth. The Ansar Youth Center was established in 2001 to address the lack of opportunities for the youth and promote leadership skills.

Democracy, freedom of speech, and local participation

A developed village with a healthy democratic environment for youth and children

Provide the villagers with the necessary tools to develop their capacities in order to implement the necessary changes in their society and help them become leaders in their community. Additionally, the organisation works to give the children and youth of al-Walajah a chance to have a mentally and physically healthy and peaceful upbringing.

  1. Providing a secure environment that will foster positive growth and healthy development for the young people of al-Walajah.
  2. Providing emotional support for the youth of the village and empowering them to deal with the stress they face due to the occupation. 
  3. Identifying talented youth living in the community and providing them with opportunities to follow their passions through a variety of outside trainings in science, computers, art, and media.
  4. Developing communication and advocacy workshops for the youth and helping them organise at local, national, and global levels
Volunteer Opportunities:

The organisation is seeking volunteers with experience working with youth and community organising. They are also seeking candidates who possess technological skills.

Language Skills: Arabic and English

Wish List:
  1. Renovating the building to accommodate a larger number of people.
  2. Maintain and improve the Center’s facilities.
  3. A projector.
  4. A video camera for documenting activities.
  5. Office equipment.
  6. Internet access.
  7. Improve the Center's computer lab.
What We Have to Offer:

The Youth Center offers a summer camp for children, leadership workshops for youth, and sports activities.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Opening a gym in a joint venture with the local village committee
  2. A photography workshop in cooperation with the British Consulate
  3. Summer camps for children
  4. Leadership and planning workshops to train young people
  5. Fun day trips for families
  6. Open days which focus on the subjects of health, sport, education, and society
  7. "A Life Without Violence" projects in the village school.
  8. New sports teams as well as basketball and football coaching for children, in cooperation with the organisation ‘PACES’ which provides after-school sports activities for Palestinian children.