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Anata Local Council
Mr. Taha Nu’man

The Anata Local Council was established in 1996. It offers services to meet the community’s political, social, and economic needs, and also defends the territory of the village’s lands.

Sustainable social development, capacity building, equality, women’s rights, and empowerment

Anata is a sustainably developed village with a functioning infrastructure.

Carry out projects through the Local Council to improve infrastructure and manage the public services of the community.

  1. Building educational and professional capacities.
  2. Supporting the residents of Anata in order to protect their human rights and defend them against the confiscation of land and house demolitions.
  3. Creating opportunities for building the capacity of women.
  4. Building social and economic infrastructure for community development.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The organisation is seeking volunteers in civil engineering and city planning.

Language Skills: Arabic and English

Wish List:
  1. An ambulance for the new health centre.

  2. A Palestinian university branch in Anata.

  3. Space for a well-equipped health centre.

  4. A public park.

  5. Assistance in developing community infrastructure plans.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Space for residents to host events.

  2. Provide residents with mediation support as needed.

  3. Health services (primary care).

Programmes and Projects
  1. Paving roads in the village (in cooperation with USAID).
  2. Improving water infrastructure (in cooperation with the Municipalities Fund, Al-Aqsa Fund, and USAID).
  3. Building a football stadium (in cooperation with the Norwegian Football Association).
  4. Building a health centre, including a centre for people with disabilities (in cooperation with the German Development Bank and UNDP).
  5. Buying a septic truck with the assistance of the PA Ministry of Finance.
  6. Furnishing the Local Council’s building and purchasing equipment for it (including computers and engineering tools).
  7. Constructing a fence around the local cemetery (in cooperation with the PA Ministry for Public Works).
  8. Purchasing 2,000 water meters to reduce the current levels of high debt.
  9. Purchasing a waste truck (in cooperation with the Palestinian Parliament).