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al-Walajah Women’s Club
Ms Samya Muhammad, Projects Coordinator

As a result of the political and social climate in al-Walajah, the women of the village face significant challenges. These include restricted freedom of movement brought by the Annexation Wall and the Occupation's military checkpoints as well as increasing threats, violence, and abuse which have accompanied the presence of the Israeli Army in the village. These challenges make it difficult for women in al-Walajah to further their education and find employment opportunities tohelp them meet the economic demands placed on the community as a whole.  In 1997, the women of al-Walajah helped establish the first community-based organisation in the village; however, after a period of time, it was clear that although this association worked to provide activities for community members, it failed to address many issues specifically affecting women. As a result, in 1999, the Women’s Club was formed and women in the village began meeting in their homes to develop their own organisational agenda. They were then affiliated with the Sports Club committees for a year before, once again, electing to meet in women’s homes. In 2005, the women were asked by international organisations if they could find a venue and, with the support of the local village council, they succeeded in establishing a centre for the Women’s Club where the women now meet and hold activities.

Respect for cultural norms, transparency and cooperation with the local community.

Women in al-Walajah are aware of their rights and economically self-sufficient.

Increase awareness among the women of al-Walajah about their rights through a variety of workshops and programs while developing and strengthening their intellectual and practical abilities and seeking to empower women to support themselves.

  1. Empowering the women of al-Walajah to become role models for the entire village.   
  2. Developing businesses run by women.
  3. Raising awareness around education, culture, politics, and health among women.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The club is seeking volunteers with skills in computers and media, cooking, sewing or any other related experience with women in Palestinian society. The organisation also needs experts in health and psychology, educational and social support, and vocational rehabilitation.

Language Skills: Arabic

Wish List:
  1. Professional facilitators to run courses.
  2. Materials (food, fabric, etc.) for the workshops.
  3. Development of a network of dedicated women who are committed to the values of the organisation.
  4. Guidance on the marketing of food products and craftwork.
What We Have to Offer:

The organisation offers courses for women on health and women's rights and also provides counseling for women.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Forming a governing body for the club with other community organisations in the village, the al-Walajah village council, and partner organisations.
  2. Holding courses with the Foundation for Child Development, and in cooperation with the Sports Club, on issues including the importance of a healthy environment for pregnant women, sports nutrition, and fitness.
  3. Conducting visits to the elderly and providing medical help as required, especially in collaboration with the Health Work Committee on Elderly Day.
  4. Participating in the olive harvest to mark International Women’s Day.
  5. Providing counseling sessions for women with their children, dealing with violence in all its forms, especially for those who are most vulnerable to Israeli violations, such as the Annexation Wall, land confiscations, house demolitions, and detentions (In collaboration with the YMCA)
  6. Holding awareness sessions for women regarding inheritance and their rights (In collaboration with the YMCA).