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al-Walajah Sport Club
Majed Khalil Al-A’raj

The al-Walajah Sports Club was established in 1997. At the time, al-Walajah had a football team but did not have any organisational support. As result of the football team's needs, and due to a lack of organisations in al-Walajah, the late Abdul Jalil Hajajalah donated land to build the sports club. The development of the Sports Club was important not only for the football team but also represents the first time the village recognised there was a need to come together to address community needs.


Working from the bottom up with the involvement of as many community members as possible in the development of, and participation in, activities and projects.

A professional and well-equipped sports club.

Provide resources aimed at the development of physical education and sport as a means of social and physical rehabilitation.

  1. Build qualified and professional sports teams (both in football and volleyball)
  2. Provide a building and professional sports equipment
  3. Build a partnership with the women’s club           
  4. Work in partnership with the village school to improve academic achievement among students
  5. Together with the Ansar Community Centre, provide cultural and recreational activities for young people
Volunteer Opportunities:

The organisation is looking for volunteers with a background in sports or health. 

Language Skills: Prefer Arabic and English

Wish List:

The club has been able to obtain a grant from the World Vision Foundation to cover the construction of a second floor but without any internal finishing materials. The remaining needs include:

  1. Sufficient support to hire labourers for the completion of the second floor
  2. Internal materials (aluminium, tiles, doors, etc.)
  3. Furniture and other necessary equipment to complete the second floor
  4. Sports kits
  5. A variety of sports equipment (balls, etc.)
  6. The completion of the sports field, the foundations of which will soon be in place
What We Have to Offer:

A sports club that is open to men, women, and children from the local area and the use of the sports hall.

Programmes and Projects

The club is open to men, women, and children from the local area and the sports hall is available for community use.