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al-Walajah Social Committee
Mr. Ma’moun Sa’di al-A’raj

al-Walajah Social Committee is a voluntary committee consisting of representatives of different community committees in the village.

It was formed in 2010 with 12 members and aims to gather and network the efforts of the different institutions of the village and active persons for working and cooperating in all the village's projects.

This Committee emerged as an output of one of the projects of MEFTAH and OXFAM that aim to enhance and support Palestinian villages.

Local participation, freedom, democracy, human heritage, respect of community values, principles, habits and heritage.

Holistic development of al-Walajeh

Fulfilling the different requirements of the village. Providing the necessary infrastructure for supporting the economic situation through involving various segments of society, especially women, youth and marginalised groups, and providing education and tools necessary for them to contribute to achieving the objectives of society.

  1. To participate in providing education for different community fragments and support their capacities.
  2. To participate in improving the economic situation of the village, building the infrastructure and fulfilling the community requirements.
  3. To build the capacities of the Committee and empower it to achieve its objectives.
Volunteer Opportunities:

None available now.

Wish List:

Strategic training and training workshops on working with the community and diagnosing and assessing its requirements.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Meeting with the local community and studying their needs.
  2. Visits to the elderly in the village and giving them simple gifts.
  3. Organizing a medical day for visiting the elderly patients who suffer from diabeties and blood pressure.
  4. Preparation for the open day during which the strategic plan of the village is presented to the delegations of the Palestinian ministries and the international supportive organizations.