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al-Jib Women's Centre
Ms. Ibtissam, Director.
On the main road near the local council, Al-Jib, Jerusalem.

Israeli occupation forces have isolated al-Jib from Jerusalem. As a result, the village lacks basic services and developmental projects. Men seek work opportunities outside the village, leaving women to take care of the land and crops on their own.

Founded in the middle of 2007, al-Jib Women’s centre, which currently consists of 70 women, strives to support and assist women in al-Jib and neighbouring villages.

Equality, women, cooperation and networking.

The women of al-Jib and neighbouring villages are active in their community and economically self-sufficient.

Advancing the status of women and children in al-Jib and neighbouring villages, lifting the plight inflicted on women in the guise of tradition and customs, and strengthening women's role in building and development. The centre raises the slogan "no to begging" and as such, it works to materialise this slogan through education, empowerment and creating work opportunities.

  1. Building the capacities of women in the economic sector and supporting them to achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency.

  2. Raising women's awareness in all fields, socially, economically, culturally and in health-related issues.

  3. The development of children's creative capacities.

  4. Preserving and maintaining the Palestinian heritage and folklore in general and Al-Jib's heritage in particular.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The centre needs volunteers with experience in project writing and fund-raising with fluent Arabic and English.

Wish List:
  1. Funding to cover the costs of the centre.

  2. Kitchen equipment.

  3. Support and counseling regarding marketing the local products.

What We Have to Offer:
  1. Producing Palestinian food: pastries, sweets, honey, and pickles.

  2. Palestinian embroidery

  3. Traditional accessories.

Programmes and Projects
  1. Vocational courses and workshops in knitting, embroidery, textile and hairdressing in collaboration with partner Palestinian centres and organisations.

  2. Managing small projects in collaboration with the Palestinian Organisation for Media.

  3. Soapmaking and residential gardening in cooperation with the Palestinian Youth Federation.

  4. Computer training in cooperation with the Rural Society for Development.

  5. Food manufacture, beekeeping, poultry and sheep farming in collaboration with the Jerusalem Directorate of Agriculture and the Applied Research Institute in Jerusalem.

  6. Accessory-making and straw arts in collaboration with the Palestinian Foundation for Cultural Exchange.

  7. Establishing a centre for mothers and children.

  8. Organising summer camps and youth leadership courses in collaboration with a-Razi Foundation.

  9. Craft exhibitions.

  10. Inaugurating a museum of al-Jib's heritage in collaboration with the Palestinian Foundation for Cultural Exchange.

  11. Organising symposiums, lectures, and public meetings on the following topics: Combatting drug abuse, the negative aspects of early marriage, women illnesses, raising kids, freedom of expression and freedom of press.

  12. Establishing a sewing workshop.