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al-'Eisawiyah Women's Centre
Dema Hamdan – Manager of Centre

al-‘Eisawiyah Women's Centre was established in 2011 in order to empower the women of al-‘Eisawiyah to face the difficult conditions under which the Jerusalemite community lives. The difficult economic conditions and increase of unemployment received a great portion of the Centre’s concerns. Therefore, the Centre concentrates on building the capacities of women to empower them economically and contribute to raise their standard of living. In addition to this, the Centre holds educational meetings to increase the awareness of women of their potential and rights and help them solve their problems.

Professionalism, capacity building in cultural, economic and legal fields.

The women of al-‘Eisawiyah are more educated and aware of their rights and capacities. They are economically self-sufficient.

The Centre holds workshops and lectures for women on various subjects aiming to raise their awareness and reinforce their role in society. The Centre also provides projects and programmes of vocational and social rehabilitation aiming to develop the contribution of women to cultural, social and vocational fields. 

  1. To raise awareness of individual and community rights
  2. To develop family empowerment through training courses
  3. To support the needs of families in the town through income generation projects
  4. To develop and reinforce the approach of voluntary work of women in the town
  5. To build the capacities of women in the fields of project management and vocational rehabilitation. 
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Centre is looking for male and female volunteers, specifically in the field of funding and networking to ensure the continuity of the Centre’s work and development of its programmes. Fluency in both English and Arabic preferred

Wish List:
  1. A training course on social communication and electronic marketing
  2. A training course on photography for documentation of the events and activities of the Centre
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Turkish Bath
  2. kin care and beautification programmes
  3. Health and nutrition programmes
  4. Legal and educational meetings
Programmes and Projects
  1. Legal Awareness: The Centre, in cooperation with partner institutions holds legal meetings relating to national insurance, etc.
  2. Educational Awareness in cooperation with the Agricultural Relief Society
  3. Vocational Training and Rehabilitation in the field of beautification