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al-'Eisawiyah Community Centre
Abdallah Hamdan – Member of Administrative Body

al-‘Eisawiyah Community Centre was established in 2011 to support civil community institutions that meet the needs of the people of al-‘Eisawiyah village who are facing continuous and systematic attacks by the Israeli occupation. A group of activists from the village and district established the centre in order to increase community awareness of and activism for their rights. All projects are implemented free of charge. The expenses of the Centre are met by individual donations.

Professionalism, objectivity, impartiality, transparency.

Raising awareness, initiating and creating. We develop tools that enable the local community of al-‘Eisawiyah to confront the occupation and its destructive policies.

To provide legal support and assistance for the citizens of al-‘Eisawiyah and develop the youth sector in cultural, social and national fields.

  1. To raise awareness of legal aspects relevant to the status of the occupied city.
  2. To raise and develop family awareness through a chain of training courses.
  3. To support the educational process in al-‘Eisawiyah by confronting Zionisation and enhance the Palestinian national identity.
  4. To develop the approach of voluntary work in the village.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Centre needs volunteers in the field of youth development with fluency in Arabic and English.

Wish List:
  1. Chairs and office stationary
  2. Printer and scanner
  3. Development of the relations of the Centre with local and international institutions
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Meeting Hall
  2. Hebrew and Arabic courses
  3. Legal courses
Programmes and Projects
  1. The Legal Clinic: Receives citizens 3 days a week to provide legal consultancy and advice.
  2. Holding legal public meetings in cooperation with civil society organizations in Jerusalem on various subjects.
  3. Holding training courses for young people on subjects such as development of skills, youth and leadership.
  4. A course on Hebrew for beginners.
  5. Courses on Arabic for non-Arabic speakers at various levels.
  6. Holding community activities and events for Jerusalem citizens in general, and the citizens of al-‘Eisawiyah in particular, such as al-‘Eisawiyah Marathon.