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African Community Society
Yaser Qous, Executive Manager
Ala’ Eldin Street 4

The African Community Society is a non-governmental and non-profitable society established by the African community members in Jerusalem in 1983. It was established out of the Sudanese Club which was active from 1935 to 1967. After the 1967 War and the occupation of the eastern part of Jerusalem, the African community members remained committed to fight against the Israeli occupation of the city. They also concentrated on the education opportunities for the youth who live in the Old City of Jerusalem. This joint aim (the protection of their heritage and development of a better future for their community members) led to establishing the African Youth Club which was transferred in 1983 into the African Community Society.  It now seeks to promote culture in the Old City and empower women and youth to improve their quality of life by studying and fulfilling their requirements.

Sustainability, Arab Islamic Heritage, Palestinian Education and improving the quality of life in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Active and effective Palestinian youth, that enhance the Palestinian culture and identity in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Promotion of Palestinian culture in Jerusalem and development of the capacities of women and youth to improve their quality of life. 

  1. To enhance the contribution of youth to community development
  2. To narrow the gap among the Palestinian youth
  3. To build youth capacities
  4. To enhance development in the old city of Jerusalem
  5. To build and improve local, regional and international institutional networking
Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers from university students specializing in education and social service. 

Language skill: Arabic and English

Wish List:
  1. Assistance in building a strategic developmental plan for projects targeting low-income people and developing community economic initiatives
  2. A library for children
  3. A park for children.
What We Have to Offer:

Educational, social and artistic programmes for community members, and shows on life inside the Old City of Jerusalem. 

Programmes and Projects
  1. al-Balad Children: Developing the capacity of young people in the Old City of Jerusalem, raising their awareness of cultural and social difficulties, and empowering them to face such difficulties by adopting positive behaviors and values.
  2. “I am 47:” Enhancing the voluntary spirit of Palestinian youth concerning the Palestinian identity.
  3. Jerusalem in Arabic: A psycho-social instructional programme with educational and recreational dimensions targeting 7-12 year old children in the Old City of Jerusalem.
  4. Youth groups.
  5. Medical groups for mothers.
  6. Groups for arts, music and traditional dancing.