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Abu Dis Youth Club
Sami Rabee – Executive Manager

Abu Dis Sport Youth Club was established in 1992 after unifying all the teams of the town. The Clubs League at that time blessed these efforts on which the lovers of sports was based in Abu Dis. This unification contributed to establishing an institution with various features, several concerns and which holds different cultural, sport, social and scouting specialization.

Development of young people and professionalism.

An aware, local community with cultural, sport and social initiative. 

The Club works with the local community to provide sport, cultural, social services and programmes which develop the community and increase its awareness and initiatives. 

  1. To enhance cultural and national awareness of youth and young people.
  2. To develop the sport infrastructure to cover local requirements.
  3. To provide a free space for youth, sport, cultural and social activities.
  4. To enhance and develop the Palestinian identity of the local community.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Club needs male and female volunteers in the field of childhood psychosocial research.  Fluency in Arabic and English preferred.

Wish List:
  1. Establishing headquarters for a specialized sports health centre and doctors specializing in sports health. The necessary equipment for this purpose.
  2. Financial support that covers the requirements of the various needs of the club, including daily expenses, uniforms, and equipment.
  3. A capacity building course on psychological aspects with a concentration on later childhood.   
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Free hall for meetings.
  2. Multi-purpose playground.
  3. Courses on human development in artistic fields such as drawing, sculpture, etc.
  4. Courses on improving learning levels.
  5. Various sport courses such as Kick Boxing, Table Tennis, Swordplay, Basket Ball, and Football, etc. 
Programmes and Projects
  1. Establishing a hall for the Club’s activities to fulfill the requirements of young people.
  2. Establishing a grassy playground.
  3. Developing a group for Palestinian popular folk music and heritage which was established in 2000. 
  4. Holding various developmental courses and capacity building programmes such as courses on youth leadership, drawing, and sculpture.
  5. The project of voluntary work in cooperation with Abu Dis Local Council aiming at promoting the voluntary work on the town.
  6. The scouting group.
  7. Holding sports-training courses on various specialisations such as kick boxing, swordplay, volleyball, basketball, table tennis.     
  8. The drama group which was established in 2008.
  9. The summer camp programme which began in 1994.