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Abu Dis Local Council
Abdel Rahman Afana, Engineer of Abu Dis Local Council
Mobile: 056-933-5006

The Abu Dis was established in 1996 in accordance with the recommendation of the Palestinian National Authority Leadership after concluding the Oslo Accords. The Council provides the greatest quantity and best quality of services such as water and electricityto the citizens of Abu Dis to ensure their comfort. They encourage effective community participation in the developmental activities of the town and set strategic plans for this purpose.

Professionalism, participation and transparency.

Abu Dis has excellent concrete infrastructure and distinctive community services provided by the Abu Dis Local Council which invests in the human and financial resources in the town.

Executing the projects and programmes of the councils in order to improve the infrastructure and fulfill the community demands through effective use of resources.

  1. To increase the level of social services provided to marginalised groups such as women, people with special needs and the elderly and integrate them into the economy of Abu Dis.
  2. To improve freedome of movement and obtain water with higher quality and coverage.
  3. To improve the quality of electricity services and expand its coverage.
  4. To implement a wastewater project in Abu Dis.
  5. To improve and increase the level of health services in the town.
  6. To develop educational buildings and utilities in the town and improve the educational attainment of the students.
  7. To increase the youth, cultural and sports participation.
  8. To raise civil defense capacities in Abu Dis through increased involvement and training and receiving necessary equipment.
Volunteer Opportunities:

The Council needs male and female volunteers who are fluent in Arabic to volunteer in fields of statistics and human development.

Wish List:
  1. Developing the human resources of the Council, especially in the field of information collection as there is a need for GIS courses for employees and courses on public relations.
  2. Building a network of relationships with international and local institutions to support  infrastructure building.
  3. Contribution and assistance in establishing an Information and Statistics Unit for the Abu Dis Local Council and providing full-time researchers and a suitable workplace.
What We Have to Offer:
  1. Solving conflicts and disputes between the citizens.
  2. Coordination between the civil society various institutions to prevent the conflict of the events and try to institutionalize community work in the town.
  3. Coordination with the neighbouring local councils in collective cooperation for defending the land and the rights. 
Programmes and Projects
  1. Building a basic school for boys and adding classrooms to Abu Dis Girls' School aiming to increase their capacity.
  2. Implementing the supportive education programmes to increase educational attainment in addition to organising training courses for teachers on modern teaching methods.
  3. Establishing a university hospital with a capacity of at least 50 beds, in cooperation with al-Quds University, and aiming to improve and develop the health sector.
  4. Establishing a water reservoir in the eastern area to improve water availability.
  5. Establishing four electric generation stations and installing a new 4 km-long electric network.
  6. Providing suitable headquarters for the Women's Centre.
  7. Establishing a training and rehabilitation centre for people with special needs.
  8. Repairing an old building for use as a social club for the elderly.